Current & Special Situations

Divorce, caring for an elderly family member, job change, marriage, new home, death, social security, medicare - life happens & usually financial decisions come with that. By frequent conversations we can work together on making rational financial decisions in challenging or changing times. We also
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Retirement Income Planning

Life after work! Helping to assure your retirement doesn't outlive your income by assessing your needs, income sources (ie social security, pension, annuities) & implementing income planning investment strategies.
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Investment Management

Creating the appropriate mix of investments to help achieve your short, mid & long-term savings goals. Helping understand & take on appropriate levels of risk when investing. Creating a disciplined investment portfolio designed to sustain different market & economic conditions.
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Tax Planning Strategies

Staying up to date on tax laws & changes. Planning ahead with pre and post tax savings, dividends, interest, capital gains & losses & tax harvesting, IRA conversions, charitable giving, & taxation.
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Estate Planning

Basic legal documents to include: will, health care proxy and power of attorney. Strategies for transferring & protecting assets & leaving a legacy for your beneficiaries.
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